Friday, August 4, 2017

Back to School

I saw on Pinterest a tradition of having a Back to School Feast the night before school starts.  I thought it would be fun and hopefully something the kids will look forward to in the future.  I started off by picking a theme that we could have for the 2017 school year then asked a friend if she could design it for a printable that I could display on the fridge.  I found this talk by President Monson on Living an Abundant Life that included the ABC's.  I loved that the ABC's made it so appropriate for a new school year and felt like it was a great focus for our family as well.

We then had a special meal with my kids very favorite foods-- lasagna, caesar salad (yes they love it), and garlic bread.  I set the table with a school theme and even found a fun string of apple lights.
One idea I found was to have the theme engraved on these pretty glass stars.  It will take a few years but eventually we will have a collection that I can display on the wall.  Until then I need to find somewhere to put this thing where we will see it, it wont get broken, and it wont look lame all by itself on a big empty wall.  My hope is that these themes will be a true focus for our home in our FHE lessons and memories.  Something my kids memorize and remember to give them strength.  As they get older and older, this part of the tradition may make a big impact on them.
Afterwards they received Father's blessings.  Several weeks ago a friend of mine asked Zach if he was nervous for kindergarten and he said 'a little bit but mostly excited' then whispered to me that he was going to ask his dad to give him a blessing before school so he wouldn't be scared anymore.  Melt me heart!  Mariah on the other hand has never received a blessing.  She refuses.  The blessing is the part that scares her.  We've had lots of conversations but ultimately didn't want to force her.  This year was no different.  After all her brothers (yes even Benson wanted one) got their back to school blessing I was hoping she would change her mind but she didn't...until about 20 min later I saw her sitting on the chair in the middle of the living room.  When asked what she was doing she said she thought she was ready.  That alone was a small miracle.

To say they were excited for a new year is an understatement.  Up way too early and then twiddling their thumbs and bored waiting for the time to leave.  Oh well, it just left us with plenty of time for "Elsa hair" and pictures.  Now two portions of my heart leave each day!
I should have wrote in a different colored marker because you can't see :(  Apparently Zach wants to be a dentist now.  This was news to me but maybe it's because he's overheard how much the dentist is making off of Mariah's teeth these days (that's a story for another day).  His teacher is Mrs. Arnold which is the same teacher Mariah had and we loved her!
Mariah is "7 1/2" and wants to be a math teacher.  That's why she's my favorite daughter.  Her teacher is Mrs. Catalani.  She's transferring from Vegas so no one knows much about her but my first impressions (as well as Mariah's) have been great.  Adam on the other hand isn't a fan of her.  He says he saw books of Hilary Clinton and Martin Luther King Jr. in her classroom library but no George W. Bush!  Ha ha ha.
Clayton was beginning to feel left out so we included him for a final picture which turned out to be my favorite of all.  By the way, he was asking by 9:45 how many minutes until the bus comes.  Turns out they really do like each other.
Off we went to drop them off for their first day!  I wasn't quite sure how Zach would do.  He's pretty attached to me sometimes but he walked in like he owned the place.  You would think I would have been thrilled but it kinda broke my heart.  It's like he doesn't need me anymore (until later that week he turned down a play date after school because he missed me and wanted to stay home).
That afternoon I put Benson down for a nap and then this happened, Clayton fell asleep!!!  This almost never happens!  Maybe it's because there was nobody to play with he was able to stop and realize how tired he was!  My house was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.  It was the most amazing hour of the past 7 years!
I must say I love kindergartners.  They aren't concerned about being cool which was proven when Zach stepped off the bus wearing this.  Benson was a fan of his hard work.  Makes me smile!
Speaking of the bus, it was the one hiccup of the day.  The bus started pulling away when Mariah jumped up and told the bus driver her brother wasn't on the bus yet!  He had been sent to the parent-pick up line and although he knew he was in the wrong place he wasn't assertive enough to tell anybody nor did he know where the bus picked up so he just stood their waiting and said he was worried because he knew I wasn't ever going to come.  Luckily the bus driver stopped and they were able to find my sweet boy.  I can't imagine how freaked out I would have been if the bus came and he wasn't on it!

When I asked Zach how the first day went he was not optimistic.  Recess was cancelled because it was raining, they missed all of art class because on kid had to go to the bathroom and then everyone had to go and by the time they were done the hour was over, and his teacher has them dance too much!  I had to laugh.  After talking a little longer he had plenty of exciting things to say and seems to be enjoying it enough.

The second hiccup of the week came when the attendance office called asking me to excuse my students absence.  I freaked again because I had sent them to school!  Immediately my mind started to fear that Zach had somehow gotten lost and never made it to class.  Well it turns out it was a mix up.  Mariah was marked absent because the bus was late.  When the kids got home I learned the bus was late because it hit a construction sign causing the tire to pop so they had to wait for the emergency bus.  Hit a sign?  They thought it was the coolest thing ever.  I'm not so sure.  Zach is hoping each day that they can hit another sign.

The third hiccup was the call I got from the nurse saying Mariah had a head injury in P.E!  Turns out she was just bonked in the head with a basketball but she's going to be good at drama.  Ice solved all her problems and I said I was completely comfortable sending her back to class and didn't see a need to check it out myself.  She milked that one the rest of the day though!

Since the third time is a charm and we didn't have a fourth incidence to report, we celebrated ending the first week of school by hitting up the new Swig that just opened.  The kids feel privileged to have the only Swig outside of Utah and have hopes that it will help people to drink less beer because now they can go get yummy sodas instead.  There are so many reasons I love these four and their innocence in this crazy world is one!  Here's to a great year.


  1. What an awesome, eventful week. Good job on making it special. Such fun memories those cute kids will have.

  2. Mmm. Swig. Will you make my kids fun dinners and back to school themes? Or at least not tell them about it so I don't seem like a dud mom? I love it all. Can't believe you already have 2 school kids. :-(

  3. You are so creative when it comes to planning wonderful activities and memories for your children. They are so blessed to call you their "Mom". Love the star idea and the school themes. Can't wait to see what next years brings. With the hiccups glad everything turned out great! Happy New School Year with making lots of new memories and learning new things to the
    children! Love, Nana

  4. Love hiccup number 2! Lol! And kindergarteners look smaller every year. I don't think I can compete with that last night before school. Glad things are going well.

  5. What a cute family you have! Love the star idea! Where did you get your star from?