Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Summer Time

For the last day of school we picked Mariah up at the bus and headed straight to SeaLife Aquarium with friends.  I was surprised how much the kids loved it.  Makes me think a trip to SeaWorld may need to be in our future.  It was a fun kick off to summer.

This has been our best summer yet as far as weather goes.  All that's going to end this weekend with 116 degree highs but mornings at the park were pleasant surprises so we will take it.  That being said, we still spend most of our time swimming.  The kids made a lot of progress with their lessons this year.  Especially Zach who may have actually overcome his fear of the water!!!  I even did a Parent Tot class so that Benson didn't have to watch from the sidelines but that means there are no pictures since I was in the water.  I did however, manage to catch a picture of the new shades I picked up for them since Zach has such sensitive eyes in the sun.  Heart throbs!

On one of our cooler nights Zach decided he was ready to try to ride a two-wheeler so we gave it a go.  Off he went!  That turned out to be a whole lot easier than the first time I tried to teach a kid to ride a bike.  No tears involved.  He still hasn't figured out how to start and stop on his own but with a little practice that will come pretty quick.  Click on the link to see the video
Adam was at Girls Camp so Mariah was my cameraman.  It's not the greatest video ever but it was fun to show Dad when he got home.

The open house for the temple in Tucson is going on so we made the 1 hour 40 minute drive to go see it.  It's a smaller temple and not overly elaborate (nothing is compared to Gilbert) but pretty nonetheless.  In fact, because it wasn't crowded it made for a very calm and peaceful experience that I hope made an impact on the kids.  Even Benson said he felt "good" in the temple.  However, what he couldn't stop talking about was the bus ride since there wasn't sufficient parking on the temple grounds.  He was the happiest little guy on that bus.  "I like it mommy, I like the bus.  It's Mariah's bus.  No buckle..." I think that last phrase was the true key.  He was free with no 5-point harness car seat!!!
The other kids, well they were just happy to wear the white shoe coverings around...and get dinner and ice cream afterwords.  We may have eaten at the best Mexican restaurant I've ever been too called El Charros.  Excellent!!!
While we are on the topic of spiritual things.  Benson is the cutest ever.  Lately he carries around a copy of the Book of Mormon every where he goes.  I mean everywhere.  He wants to sleep with it, eat with it, and ride in the car with it.  A couple of times he has sat on the couch for literally 30 minutes flipping through the pages and saying that he's "reading".  He loves to find the picture of Jesus and says "Book of Mormon stories nice".  That's what he calls it, his "Book of Mormon stories" like the song.  He never sees us read the real Book of Mormon since we read the kids version as a family and an online version for personal studies.  Could it be that the book carries a special spirit even by just holding it?  I like to think so.  Heaven help me to not ruin these perfect children.
Photo bomber in this one :)
Summer has just begun but we also only have 6 weeks left.  The kids have created a bucket list and now that swim lessons are over our schedule is totally free so it's time we get busy!


  1. All I have to say is it's blasphemy to say this Mexican restaurant was the best ever. The end.

  2. What a fund beginning to summer activities. As always love all the photos. Let us know when you are going to make a trip to Sea World (San Diego) and we will join you. Great job Zach on riding the bike and great camera work Mariah. Benson is the cutest with his Book of Mormon. Clayton is awesome too. Love the sun glasses. Pappy and Nana

  3. Gotta try that Mexican restaurant to see if it's blasphemy. Fun post. You've got a great family

  4. Now I want good chips and salsa! The bike video is hilarious. Good job Zach!! And Benson with the Book of Mormon melts me. What a cutie!