Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Time is Flying

A couple months ago I bought tickets to go to Lantern Fest.  It's basically a live showing of the movie Tangled where everyone gets fire lanterns and sets them off into the sky.  5,500 people were in attendance however, the wind was strong enough that they were threatening to not let us set off our lanterns.  I was super nervous since I'd looked forward to the event for awhile AND because the tickets were not cheap.  Luckily for us, prayers were answered (is it bad to pray about something so unimportant?) and we were able to light up the sky!
The festival is a production for an entire day!  Live music, face painting, princesses, balloon animals, food trucks etc.  We had other unexpected conflicts so we weren't able to make it until close to sundown but the s'mores were a huge hit!  We need to go camping more because fire and dirt are my kids best friends.
I noticed Zach nibbling on his s'more.  He hadn't eaten much for several days because of his loose tooth.  It was SOOOOO loose.  Like really gross looking loose.  He's too skinny as is and to not have him eat isn't an option.  When I noticed him still eating his first s'more and everyone else was on number 3 I asked if I could just wiggle his tooth, then reached in his mouth and pulled it out.  He didn't even realize what happened until I said "hey, Zach, do you know what's in my hand?".  Then he burst into tears and scolded me for lying to him.  Then he cried more about all the blood until I told him there was none.  Such drama.  Two days later the next tooth was dangling and sideways!  I finally convinced him to let me pull it as well and it went down with just as much drama as the first.  Now just look at the little jack-o-lantern!  I think I may miss the old smile ;)

Before letting the lanterns off, you can write messages on them or goals and send them into the sky. Zach must have not understood because he cried--again-- when we let his off.  He was heartbroken that he had worked so hard on his drawing and realized it was never coming back.
Needless to say, Zach struggled that night but for the rest of us it was magical...until we almost caught Mariah and Benson on fire when our second lantern flew horizontal instead of vertical, crashing into their heads as Adam went diving to catch it.  You would have peed from laughing so hard.  After that, Mariah turned into mamma bear protecting her three little cubs.  There were lots of close calls we witnessed and I'm honestly shocked that the fire departments allows the event.
The next week the big event happened and my parents finished their mission!!!  They stopped at our place on their drive home for two days and it was a lot of fun to hear some of their experiences.  They witnessed a couple of miracles and were instruments in helping many feel the love of the Lord.  They had an outpouring of love shown to them too.  I am so proud of their work and honorable return.  What a legacy I've been left with.  We had lots of fun while they were here but I only have 2 pictures from our exploring at the Riparian Preserves.  We also swam (they aren't use to 100 degree temps anymore), played miniature golf, celebrated both my dad and Clay's b-days and ate yummy food.  I'm grateful they made the sacrifice to see us as I'm sure they were anxious to get home after 18 months!
Lastly, the best weekend of the year came when I get the pay off of having three boys...Father and Sons camp out!!!  Adam took all three and they had a blast.  Of course collecting pine cones was at the top of the favorites list.  
 Someone had these mustaches and apparently Zach didn't take his off for 2 hours.
 Proud this boy is getting a little more brave.  He even did the giant swing and loved it.
 Clay is usually my daredevil but looking at this picture, I'm not so sure he loved it.  LOL

 On their way out they visited the fish hatchery and Benson couldn't stop commenting on all the fish.
They came home smelly and dirty and with a sleep deprived dad.  I on the other hand, enjoyed a movie at the theaters, dinner, and an evening bike ride with my little girl.  Oh, and I slept in until 9:00.  It really is the best weekend of the year I tell ya!


  1. What a fun adventure to the lantern lighting. Sure glad no one was hurt and Adam's quick response. So happy your parents are home and were able to stop by on their way home. Senior Missions are such a great experience. What a treat for you and Miriah to have some time together.

  2. All of it is so funny! From the loose teeth, mama, bear, and Zach's mustache! I think your girl weekend sounds much more dreamy than a boy campout. Kudos to Adam though for taking the littlest one. Ha

  3. I can't stop laughing at Zach. Reminds me of a certain girl I know when she was that age. The tooth though! Glad there weren't any lantern tragedies.