Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Clayton's 4th Birthday Fiesta

When I asked Clayton what he wanted to do for his birthday party this year his #1 request was a pinata.  All kids are the same I tell ya.  Hitting something with a bat and having it rain candy is heaven in every way.  I figured if that's what he wanted we could do a Cinco de Mayo party the weekend before his birthday.  They ended up scheduling the Father and Sons Camp Out for the 5th of May but by then my party planning was already underway so we switched dates to the 6th and called it a fiesta instead.  The invites may have been my favorite part.  I made these mini pinatas out of toilet paper rolls and you pulled the string hanging out the bottom to release the candy and information for the party.  Could you get any more adorable?
Clayton only wanted to invite 5 friends...and NO GIRLS... so we decided it would be intimate enough that we could have the entire family come for dinner and fun.  Plus, the ward Easter party wasn't a great turn out and Adam was in charge of the food.  It was a Mexican dinner so we came home with A LOT of extra taco fixings.  Nothing easier than a taco bar for the fiesta! I had to add a little of my own party flair with this super simple cake I made.  I'll brag on myself and say it's awesome!  We even served it with fried ice cream.  Delish!
That's about all I can take credit for.  We had a scout day camp that I helped at as part of my church calling and it was a western theme.  Afterwards, they were going to throw away all the decorations so I figured Mexico is in the desert, why not?  I brought it home for quick and easy party favors and decor.  I made a photo booth out of the backdrop and cactus pool noodles.  Clay hates to dress up and refused to get even one picture but it was still a big statement piece and the other kids had fun.
They also had a bunch of these pool noodle horses in lots of different colors for the rodeo we did at Day Camp. I wasn't very good at pulling out my camera during much of the party and didn't get one with all Clayton's friends but each kid got a horse to take home as a party favor.
For some activities, the kids made maracas and Sugar Skull masks (that I copied from the kids menu at I said, no credit for this party!)
And of course, you have to play pin the tail on the donkey at a Mexican party.  Clay was cracking me up.  He had NO CLUE which direction was which and would walk the wrong way every time.
Then the long awaited breaking of the pinata.
I wish I would have taken a video of him opening all his presents at the party.  His reactions were so cute and genuine.  There was no doubt that we loved and was grateful for every gift he received.  It's always a little concerning at parties that the birthday child will act disappointed or say something unkind about a gift.  Not his time!  We did film him opening his present on his actual birthday that we got him.  Let's just say that time we didn't get the reaction we were hoping for.  In other words, we got no reaction whatsoever from the kid.  Rest assured he LOVES his new scooter and can't ride it enough.  I knew we would but he certainly didn't seem too interested when he first laid eyes on it!
Clay's other request was to go to Kids Club for his birthday because you get a free ice cream and they sing to you on stage. When it came time, he got too shy so big brother Zach, went up with him.  This is a typical "nervous" picture of Clayton.  Each time he is feeling uncomfortable, embarrassed, or shy, he sticks his tongue in his cheek. Makes me laugh.
A few things about this 4 year old.  He gave his first talk in Primary and ROCKED it with confidence, he has no idea what "tomorrow" means so everything is counted in "how many more sleeps", he LOVES LOVES LOVES video games and we may have our hands full with that little addiction as he gets older :/ His other favorite activity has to be board and card games.  Clayton is still an early riser who almost never sleeps til 6:00 am but luckily he has learned how to self entertain until someone else wakes up.  He loves people, especially those older than him.  He puppy dogs around any big kid he can find and even takes to many adults/grandparents.  That may be my very favorite quality about him. He doesn't care what you look like, he is willing to be your friend...that is unless you are a girl...wants nothing to do with them already...if you ask me it's a win win and we hope neither of those things change for quite some time.

Happy Birthday Clay Man!


  1. What a party! Good job, Leslie.
    Love you, Clay!!!! You are one adorable 4 year old.

  2. The cake and invite were my favorites! Happy birthday cute Clayton!!

  3. Happy 4th Birthday Clayton! What a great fiesta birthday party and activities. Love the invitations. Love Clayton personality. He is such a lovable little fellow.

  4. Tell me this was all Pinterest because it is too cute! I can't believe Clay is 4. He still seems like a baby to me 😭. Time flies