Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Reason to Celebrate!

Summer vacation is just days away and that also means that all of our activities are winding down.  These kiddos make me so proud with all the things they are learning and achieving.
First on the list is Mariah.  Her artwork was chosen to be displayed at the High School for a big event being held there.  Only five 1st graders were chosen.  This is her depiction of the book "Giraffes Can't Dance".  She says that her giraffe is "break dancing" and her art teacher commented that he laughs at all of Mariah's work because somewhere there is a princess crown.
She also received a reading award (she reads at a high 4th grade level) as well as the classroom award of integrity.  Adam and I both laughed and rolled our eyes a little on that award because lately we've been struggling with her honesty.  Either our lectures and consequences of writing "I will not lie" 50 times are sinking in at school and not at home, or she's just pulled the cover over her teachers eyes.  Either way, I'm pleased that she's included help with a new goal in her personal prayers to not lie until her baptism.  Ha ha.  Hopefully that means she will not lie after it as well :)
She had her first piano recital and did AMAZING.  We are cautiously optimistic with her love of the piano.  I know we are only 5 months into this but I never have to fight her to practice.  She is self motivated and wants to do well.  Her recital piece was a simplified version of "Angles We Have Heard on High".  Yes, a Christmas song in May.  It's her favorite so she didn't care.  After 1 week of practicing it, she had it down so she started adding in "fancier" things on her own.  She literally made up her notes to add and they sounded good.  It's almost like she wrote her own arrangement!  She also asked her teacher if she could sing along as she played.  LOL.  This girl does love the arts!
She also had her dance recital and no longer gets too stage freight.  In fact, you could even catch her smiling a couple of times.  She does however, still get very embarrassed with all the attention she receives afterwards and even asked us to stop bringing flowers because they embarrass her.  Who knew?  And that smile is totally fake but the annoying little brother is totally natural.
Then of course we had our last (blazing hot) soccer game.  Mariah loved soccer.  No surprise there, she loves everything.  But don't be deceived.  What she really loved was playing defense which means standing at the back of the field and being the cheerleader on the team.  She's not the most aggressive player but she did help motivate others.
Perhaps, the biggest reason we have to celebrate Mariah is that this happened last night!  She did the dishes and I did not!!!  Life is oh so good!
Zach finished preschool and his next stop is all day kindergarten!!!  He is beyond ready.  So ready that I think we could skip it and go straight to first grade (except that he only weighs 37 pounds and all his pants literally fall off his waist).
He was so excited for his preschool graduation.  He couldn't wait to show us what he learned with Miss Stacy and for the ice cream party afterwards.
 He also finished up soccer.  Zach did not like practices but he did like the games.  He's a lot more aggressive on the field than the other two siblings who played this season.  It was a little frustrating for him this time because he was the youngest on the team so competition was stiff but he kept at it and he had the best coach!
Clayton on the other had did not like practices or games.  I'm not sure if he was just too young or if it's not his thing but I'm not going to give up on him quite yet.  It was an exhausting endeavor to convince him twice a week to get ready for something he didn't enjoy.  It didn't help that practice was by a park that he couldn't play at.  Once at the games, he seemed to be fine playing and every.single.time. he kicked the ball he would then turn to me and give me a thumbs up.  All in all, soccer with 3 kids was crazy busy and we are excited for a break from all the activities!
The metal and snacks made it all worth it
Clayton has his very last day of joy school tomorrow and next year will do preschool with Zach's same teacher.  He loved joy school so so much.  He loves friends and looked forward to it each week.  That makes two of us!  My four hours with only 1 kid were so productive!  On my last day to teach we had a water party in the back yard.  I guess I can't call it teaching because there was zero instruction.
Favorite picture of the day.  Benson loved that sprinkler, especially when I pulled the slide by it.  I signed him up for Mommy and Me swim lessons this summer because he will not be a happy camper if he has to watch everyone swim from the side lines.
And look at my picks from the grow boxes.  Our third gardening season and we may finally be getting the hang of this.  Oh, and next year we will plant only one zucchini plant.  That stuff produces like rabbits!
The highlight of all celebrations was Mother's Day.  If only it happened more frequently.  Adam knows how to pamper me and the kids all made me little gifts at school.  Mariah also constructed my favorite place with me, her, and grandma at the beach drinking pina coladas and sitting on lounge chairs.  Too bad it's not real life.
Adam wins though by surprising me with a plane ticket home for my parents mission homecoming.  I then surprised my parents when I showed up at their doorstep.  My mom of course was teary eyed and my dad of course was out golfing.  You didn't need a crystal ball to predict either of those.  It was so much fun to relax for the weekend childless, as well as to hear their reports in church.  It was such a great and uplifting meeting and the luncheon was full of family and friends.  I took no pictures (insert angry face) but I do have one of the banner we made over spring break if that counts.

Bring on the summer heat!


  1. I can't believe how well Mariah has done with piano in such a short time! And I can see why you love your preschool teacher so much and will use her again.

  2. Wow! It is so great to see all their accomplishments this year. Great job to everyone! And to go home and be there for your parents homecoming was so special. I think all these great accomplishments desire a special treat coming in the mail soon. Love you all, Nana

  3. The garden vegetables look so awesome! Yes, zucchini do produce a lot!

  4. I didn't even plant one zucchini plant this year. Last year was overload. Nice produce though. I think my favorite is Clay giving thumbs up after every kick! Way to go to all your kids. Loved seeing you this weekend too.