Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Spring Break

For Spring Break we headed up to Utah.  Utah had buckets of snow this winter and the kids were excited to sled, snow shoe and have a snowball fight.  After all, it makes since that on Spring Break you would play in the snow right?  Seriously, the week before break the valley was covered.  Then it warmed up and ALL MELTED two days before we got there, even in the mountains.  Really?  So much for packing our winter clothes!  The good news is that it made for perfect 70 weather and we missed the Arizona heat wave of mid to high 90's.  The other good news is that Boondocks exists in every season and it's all my kids really cared about anyway.  We went on a Tuesday where the unlimited pass is only $12 so they got to play and play and play.  Why are my boys total gamers?
The only other request besides Boondocks that the kids had while we were in Utah was a sleepover at Ava's and the Rec Center for swimming.  We fulfilled all wishes so it was a success.  The wish list for Adam and I consisted of seeing friends and family.  We went to a family dinner with my mom's family, spent a night with Uncle Jay, dinner twice with Adam's brother Rob, hair cut with my bestie Margie, ice cream with Adam's bestie Brock (do guys have "besteis"?), swimming with Derek, a nice visit with the Asay's and Grandma Aston, dinner at The Garden with Grandma and Grandpa and plenty of time with Kelsy and Ava.  It was busy to say the least.
View from The Garden at Joseph Smith Memorial Building
Kelsy planned a scavenger hunt with the kids for Saint Patrick's day.  Of course it caused problems when someone found the clue before others but in the end I think they all thought it was magical to find a pot of gold.  Magical until the chocolate gold was smeared everywhere and wrappers dropped wherever they wanted.
We finished with a leprechaun lunch including shamrock shaped grilled cheese.
It's been awhile since we last saw Vailea.  Funny thing is she still looks like a little newborn!  Those Polynesian genes are not creating big kids!  I mean since when did Benosn look so huge?
I had to laugh when Benson "digressed" by crawling all over the floor as he played with his baby cousin.
Alas, all good things come to an end and then we had to make a 12 hour drive home :(  Benson was not a happy camper...but Mariah and Zach were amazing.  Mariah made herself a "quiet zone" which you see in the background and read the hours away.  I guess we just need our youngest to turn 5 and it will be peaceful again.
We also stopped at an Indian cave outside of Kamas on the way home.  It was a good little break and worth stretching the legs.
These rocks naturally glow when a black light is on them

Because Spring Break is over 2 weeks long we still had plenty of time to play when we got back.  Too bad Adam has to work because I could make a career out of vacation!  I tried to plan something fun for every day.  One morning we went to Kids Club, met the Easter Bunny, rode the carousel, got ice cream then saw the movie Sing.  All in one morning.  We got home and I told Mariah she needed to turn off the karaoke because Benson was asleep.  Her response: "You never let us do anything fun!"  Holy cow!  Sometimes you just can't please kids.
In line for the Easter Bunny
Their favorite activity was Bounce U.  They can run around for hours on all the inflatables.  It doesn't wear them out though in case you were wondering.
Then of course, in good Arizona fashion, we spent the rest of our free time split between the pool and the park.  This time of year the weather is great for either one depending on the time of day.  Clay and Benson were melting my heart as they went down the slide time and time again together giggling like little kids should.
By the end of the break I was more than happy to send the kids back to school.  Man can they bicker.  Especially the boys...and Benson is joining in on that too.  Just a few hours of preschool to separate them can make all the difference!  Plus, it's just hard to fill the whole day with activities and when Mariah gets bored she tries to turn my little boy into her little sister.


  1. What a fun Spring break! Love all the activities and photos.

  2. Ya de da. This is old news. I already read Kelsy's blog;). Yet you still managed tonmake me jealous all over again. And your boys are gamers cause their boys. Girls just don't care as much.

  3. How was Sing? I haven't heard any feedback. It was fun to see all of you!