Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Happy Easter

We had a lot of fun activities to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ this last month.  My mom recommended we make Easter similar to Christmas, focusing on the Savior the entire month.  I really loved this thought and we had several activities and lessons to help us remember the importance.  My favorite is by far the Easter Pageant at the Mesa Temple.  I can't help but feel an outpouring of the spirit when they sing "He Lives".  We even went twice this year since an inactive and non member went with us the second time.  Our friends were in the pageant and Zach made sure to get a picture with him before the show.
We also made 'birds nests' cookies to thank all of the kids primary teachers.  They seriously have some amazing teachers right now.  Especially Clay whose teachers have changed completely his excitement for church.
Next on the list was to dye Easter eggs.  I was given the brilliant idea this year to not hard boil the eggs.  We hard boiled a few because Adam and I like them however, the kids don't and so it seems they either go to waste or you just don't dye many.  Well we tried to do them raw instead and they didn't break a single egg!  I'll be cooking with color for weeks since I didn't make them hold back.
My favorite activity was the glow in the dark Easter egg hunt.  The only credit I can take on this one is that I'm at least amazing enough to have amazing friends :)  We just accepted the invite to the party and it was quite the party!  Before everyone went home Ashlea handed all the kids glow necklaces and sent them outside to a sea of glowing eggs (filled with finger lights).  Afterward there was even a lesson on how Jesus is the light and how with Him we too can glow.  Fun + lesson = win!
The neighborhood hunt wasn't as calm or magical.  Look at the mass of kids.  Why do we submit ourselves to that kind of torture for a few eggs!?  We need to move to an older neighborhood.
Don't forget after that chaos we still had to wait in a LONG line to meet E.B. himself.  You must agree the picture is precious though.
Nana and Pappy sent the kids a package of sugar cookies in the mail along with magic jelly beans.  We planted them in the garden and the kids were THRILLED to find lollipops had grown the next morning.  Zach even woke up extra early to check on them.  My only advice is next time they need to send less cookies...either that or we need to open the box AFTER dinner.  LOL.
The night before Easter when I began setting up baskets and getting things ready Adam said "Wow, next year you really need to scale back.  After all, some of their friends are only getting a chocolate bunny."  He made me feel a little guilty and I admit I did more this year than any other but I just couldn't help it.  Easter is quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays.  The spirit combined with some of the fun.  In my defense, everything did fit in the the giant eggs.  I found these nesting eggs at Hobby Lobby and was SO tempted but restrained myself (see Adam, I really can scale back).  Then my mom sent a check in the mail to get the kids something small for either Easter or conference.  Hobby Lobby eggs here I come!  The only bad side is my mom didn't get any credit.  That stinkin bunny did (sorry mom!).  But just look at them!  The size of their heads!!!  When they saw them lying on the lawn in the backyard and were BLOWN AWAY it was completely worth it!
I mostly posted this picture of Easter morning with their baskets for Benson's awesome bedhead.  They all got writing tablets (in Mariah's hand) that will be used for sacrament meeting only and made Sunday a dream last week!  Everyone has their own.  They don't make a mess.  They can't color on themselves.  The don't make noise.  That is all they will get in church from now on.  They can sit and doodle.  We are past needing snacks and multiple toys to entertain.  I'm praying the success of week one continues.
They also got these darling swim towels.  Every year for Easter they get something for the pool.  These were especially golden for Benson and Clay who have a hard time holding up a towel and walking home after we are done.  So cute huh!
Then they got electric toothbrushes because they got a lot of candy :(  Oh and new Easter clothes.  I couldn't resist (okay maybe I do have a problem) when I found a dress for Mariah that had neckties to match.  Benson's is an exact match (I wasn't sure I could convince the other boys to wear flowers) and I think my biggest and littlest couldn't get any cuter.
Easter wouldn't be complete without an imperfect family picture.  After all, the promises made to me that they are mine forever is what I live for and why Easter is worth celebrating.  He is the Prince of Peace.  He is our Light.  He is the why to all we do.  He lives.  I know it.  I feel it.  I will testify of it until my last dying breath.  Because of Him we have joy.


  1. So many fun Easter activities, especially the glow in the dark hunt. Best part of the post...your wonderful testimony.

  2. The glow-in-the-dark hunt was a great idea. How fun! I heard for the first time this year too the idea to just dye regular eggs and wish I would have gotten that idea before I hard boiled a bunch!

  3. Love all the Easter activities . . . so much fun and spiritual too. Your testimony is precious and we are so grateful to have the knowledge of eternal families. Love, Nana/Mom

  4. I love your family picture! Leslie, you look beautiful!!! Tammy Araya

  5. I already said that you make me look bad. Love the picture of Mariah and benson. And dying raw eggs is brilliant! I hard boiled 12, 3 cracked and the others weren't hard boiled enough so when we went to eat then the kids kept saying "my egg is too slimy!" Turns out they were right.