Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Renissance Festival

I think we found ourselves a new annual tradition.  A neighbor of mine had some tickets that she couldn't use for the Renissance Festival on Adam's birthday.  We decided that it was worth a try but didn't have high hopes.  This place was legit!  I felt like I was at an amusement park it was so big and well done.  It goes for several months each year and we caught it on the very last day.
They had several "rides" at the festival but all of them were man-operated to stick with the times.  I may have just gotten a little sick on the giant swing, and Zach may have been shaking the entire time but at least Mariah enjoyed herself.  
 Once again, the flying saucer ride was operated as they turned the wheel. 
 They sold all sorts of fun food as the vendors carried it around like this. 
 The buildings were awesome and so well done.  They really made it feel like a different time period. 
Unfortunately, we couldn't enjoy it too much because we had 2 sick and cranky kids that didn't appreciate any of it and just wanted to go home.  Even Mariah fell asleep in the car on the way there which NEVER HAPPENS.  We were only able to stay a couple of hours and so we missed most of the shows (hypnotists, magicians, knighting ceremonies, sword swallowing etc.). 
 They even did elephant rides for $5.  I was soooo excited.  But we couldn't convince Zach to do it.  He said it was scary.  We also couldn't get him to stop watching through the fence though.  So much better than the zoo.  They were spraying themselves with water, flapping their ears, and the highlight--peeing.  Man do they pee a lot of liquid.  The kids...and Adam talked about it for days. 
 The big event was the jousting.  If you've ever seen A Knight's Tale, it was JUST LIKE THAT.  They had "cheerleaders" to pump up the crowd and everyone was sectioned off into teams for a real competition. 
It was a true treasure that we just happened to luck out on.  Next year will be even better as we will plan ahead and find our costumes (yes MANY were dressed up) and be able to spend all day that wont be the hottest day of the year yet. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

35 Things We Love You MORE Than...

1.Playing outside
2. Flying in the air
3. Joy School
4. Charlotte
5. Elephants and carousels
6. Home Depot Kids Club
7. Relaxing (this should be a picture of me)
8. Daddy-daughter date nights
9. Eating the toes
10. Reading books
11. Bathtime
12. Princess crowns and carnivals
13. Going to the park
14. Painting
15. Spider Man
16. Going for a walk
17. Playing with the door stop
18. The sand box

19. Bedtime (the kids REALLY love you more than bedtime)

20. Hanging upside down

21. Being tickled

22. The blue blankie

23. Dress-ups

24. Sleep (barely)
25. Chicken eggs

26. Mallow corn
27. Milk
28. Stretchy pants (just for fun)
29.  Being held
30. Being naked (and that's saying something)
31. Licking the bowl
32. The doggy pillow
33. Hide and seek

34. The Exersaucer
AND 35. An empty sink

In fact we may just love you more than anything in the whole world.  Happy 35th birthday to the best dad and husband that we could ever ask for!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Saint George

In 2001 I began my first semester as a college student at Dixie State.  Well, last weekend, my parents rented a home in St. George and for the first time since college I spent some time in Utah's Dixie again.  Basically it made me feel really old.  I mean if you do the math, 2001 was 13 years ago!!!  Hello!!!???  How has it already been 13 years???!!!  In just 13 short years (at least short to me), St. George has grown soooo much.  I hardly recognized a thing and was totally lost.  I felt like I was visiting a town that I'd never been to before let alone LIVED IN.  All that aside, it was so much fun to spend time with my family (minus one of my favorite siblings that we definitely missed).  It was fun to rent a house and have a giant sleep over and to be on vacation with them instead of me just "visiting".  We got to be tourists together and really PLAY with no one having to go to work etc.  It was 3 days packed full of fun.
You can't visit St. George without a couple of hikes.  Our first was hiking up to the Dixie.  This hike is certainly more "kid friendly" than the last few we've done as a family.

Mariah is becoming little miss adventure and was determined to hike The Crack as well.  Despite me not wanting to let her because I thought she'd freak, she kept pushing it.  Well she beat me up and loved it.

 We spent half a day in Snow Canyon and let the kids climb all over the rocks.  Once again, Mariah wanted to follow her cousins and climb to the top.  That little white speck is her.

The most fun and comical was definitely the sand dunes.  We wanted to take one of those pictures that you see of families holding hands while they all jump in the air.  When we saw the pictures I died laughing.  Basically all we have are bloopers.  Out of about 15 pictures we got at most 2 of us in the air at a time.  Of course, I chose to post the one with me in the air so as to not look like a total dweeb. 

We ended up settling for a normal looking, stand still and smile shot.  But seriously, isn't St. George beautiful.  I only wish there was a better job market, I'd move there in a second!

Clayton LOVED the sand dunes.  He learned that he could slidedown the hill by scooting in the fine sand and was all smiles.  Pictures don't do it justice (and I was super sad when I realized the video that was taken somehow didn't turn out).  It was so stinking adorable how much he loved that sand.  

Here we are out side of Brigham Young's winter home.  He was St. George's first "snow bird".  Zach kept looking at the pictures of Brigham Young and saying he didn't like him because he looked so scary.  Why did people never smile back then for pictures?
And the oldest operating temple on a Sunday afternoon.
The kids especially loved the children's museum.  The could have stayed all day.
The low-light was the shooting range.  My first shot the shot gun slipped from my shoulder to my arm and it killed!  I whined about it the rest of the day because every time I moved my arm it hurt.  But seriously it did!  My family made fun of how bad of a shot I was the rest of the stay.  They joked that 7 year old Soakai did better than I did.  I would get defensive except for the fact that I was the only one who didn't hit a single clay pigeon.  From now on I'm sticking to hand guns!

Thanks mom and dad for a great trip.  I think it will be one that we will all remember for a long time.